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Having already been involved in the events industry for 8 years, Brad joined Vespasian in 2011 and began his career by working at our regular venues, events and festivals. Advancing within the company, Brad was offered the position of Booking Officer in 2019 following his supervisory role at D-Day 75. 

After running his own pub, as well as 10 years of door supervision, Brad’s knowledge of clients, staff and the public is essential to his role. Having supervisory roles at multiple sites both prior to and during his time with Vespasian, Brad’s experience within the industry allows him to book staff to individual venues according to any specific requirements.

His position as Booking Officer comprises of liaising with both venues and Vespasian teams, organising schedules, allocating shifts and the responsibility of ensuring our service is of the highest standards for all parties.

From pub doors to large-scale events, Brad is a point of contact for shift queries, concerns or applications, providing staff the support they need to maximise their career with us.

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