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Event Crowd Management

Vespasian’s crowd management service has attracted multiple award nominations. With over a decade of strategic, tactical and operational experience managing security and crowd management projects at events, festivals, stadia and national monuments across the UK and overseas.

Vespasian Security crowd managers are trained to a level five/foundation degree level. Vespasian delivers crowd management services and consultations that are representative of industry best practice.

Our teams are experienced in a wide range of different events and audience demographics. We are confident that Vespasian can supply you and your event with the tailored service you deserve.

Vespasian has partnered with numerous independent and corporate organisations both in the UK and abroad. From large scale, high profile events to smaller community based projects, Vespasian aim to deliver not only best practice but best value for money too.

Vespasian’s international security and crowd management consultancy, operational since 2009, has assisted in the protection of public safety and the continued success of clients’ brands and reputations in countries such as Malawi, Nigeria and South Sudan.

Services we provide:

  • Full crowd management and security consultation for all aspects of your event, arena or venue.

  • Pre and post event police and council liaison

  • 24 hour guarding of the site for crucial build and break event phases

  • Backstage security/Artist protection

  • Front of house security

  • Pit teams

  • Response teams

  • Bar security

  • Control room and emergency liaison team members

  • Social media monitoring

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