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James has been active within frontline security operations since 2004. Beginning in local and regional night time economy venues, James swiftly rose to venue team management status.

During these early years within the security industry, James was also working within sales in daytime job roles. James excelled with the sales environment and began running teams of staff and quickly set about beginning his own business within the sales industry.

James’ work within the security industry remained a constant throughout the years developing in his sales roles.

After growing his business managing contracts with insurance companies and clients alike and managing a vast number of staff, James realised that he could apply the skills he had developed to many roles and decided to set himself a new challenge.

In 2014 James joined Vespasian Security returning to the industry that he had enjoyed working in for years, but this time bringing with him all of the new skills that he had learnt whilst managing his own business.

James’ core area of responsibility at Vespasian is the oversight of all regular contracts within the Portsmouth and Hampshire area.

James is also undertaking Level 5 crowd management training to support his ever growing portfolio of event crowd management deployments.

“I have always found security to be the career to which I return but now as a manager, I have so much more to offer – be it door work, festivals or generally just helping people, this is where my passion lies.”

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